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Our Promise

We are focused on innovation

Fast & reliable Communication

Changing the lives of people in our communities.

Are you tired of not having access to an internet connection, or having unreliable communications services that leave you dealing with slow downloads, interrupted calls, lagging games, buffering videos, and general frustration?

Don’t you wish you could have the same technological conveniences other people enjoy? Wouldn’t you love it if there were a local company you already know and trust who could deliver the innovative technology you need? Now, there is.

Great Lakes Energy is proud to introduce Truestream.

Truestream is a fiber network that makes customers’ lives better by bringing them the power of a high-speed connection. Truestream is focused on innovation—Great Lakes Energy has undertaken one of the nation’s largest fiber-to-the-home network projects. Our goal is to make lives better by offering technology that will serve our customers well for years to come. We are committed to providing reliable and robust fiber technology to power your internet and other connection needs.

At the same time, Truestream is a caring, friendly partner, dedicated to the communities we serve. We are motivated by a desire to help the people we are happy to call friends and neighbors.

Great Lakes Energy is your local electric cooperative with a mind for technology and a heart for service. Truestream will change the lives of people in our communities—and will be a leader in the future—by offering technology that is truly impactful.