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Introducing Truestream, Great Lakes Energy’s fiber network. We’re building the unbeatable service you need from a name you can trust – your electric cooperative. 

You asked for it and now Great Lakes Energy is bringing our members the life-changing internet service they need and want. With speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second (1,000 Mbps) available, we’re connecting rural Michigan members to the world giving you the ability to stream, surf, download and all those other fancy things the city folk get to do! 

Starting in July, Great Lakes Energy contractors will begin work constructing the fiber network that will bring life-changing fiber internet service to our members.

The build-out begins in our Petoskey service district which covers most of Emmet and parts of Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties. Select members in this district will be eligible for Truestream as early as this fall.  The service will first become available to a group of approximately 700 members with overhead service along the main fiber line that is set to be installed this summer.  Service to other areas will branch off from this main line and become available in 2019 and 2020 based on demand.

Installation of the service into homes and businesses will be done by GLE installation technicians who will provide the service you expect from your co-op. In fact, we may be hiring qualified fiber internet employees as this project takes off so please be sure to check the career center on our website for job postings.

Even if you’re not one of the first members who is able to receive service on the core line, you can still get ready to enjoy Truestream fiber by following these important tips:

Truestream Tip #1:

Sign up for a portable email address, such as Google, Yahoo or another no-cost service. With Truestream you won’t have a dedicated email address so if you use one through your current provider, it will go away when you make the switch. Start moving your contact list and subscriptions over to this new email address ahead of time.

Truestream Tip #2:

Don’t sign long-term agreements with your current provider if they would prevent you from being able to get Truestream when it comes to your area.

Truestream Tip #3:

Spread the word! We hope you’re as excited as we are about this amazing new service so tell your friends and neighbors!  With internet speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gig and prices starting at around $59.99 per month, you’ll want to join Truestream today.

Truestream Tip #4

Register on this site today even if you’re not in Petoskey service district. We’ll be gauging your interest and may be making decisions on where to construct service next based on member demand! Plus, by signing up you’ll receive the latest updates and information on the project.