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We’re ‘diggin’ this fiber

Truestream contract crews have started off with a brisk construction pace this summer. They have built more than 50 miles of fiber already. The fast pace will continue until Jack Frost has his way and the ground is too frozen to continue. Fiber is being dug underground and strung overhead.

The first connections are still on schedule to be live before the end of the year. The next group of homes to get service after the winter actually may get service sooner! Members who may be eligible for service early were contacted by email recently for underground easement permissions. If you are in the A2 group and haven’t responded, please do so by Sept. 15 as that will quicken the timeframe for when your service can be installed.

The order for construction and connections follows:

1. Crews are currently building the fiber backbone which connects all of our substations in the Petoskey service district. Members within 1,500 feet of the backbone are eligible for service first. These members are designated as A1 or A2 when they register on jointruestream.com. A1 members have overhead service and A2 have underground. A1 members will be connected first because their fiber will be finished first.

2. In the spring of 2019, we will begin construction in other areas in the Petoskey service district. See the Areas tab on jointruestream.com for the list of areas eligible and the progress for each. Demand for the service will help us determine which area we construct service to next after the A1 and A2 areas are completed.

3. Demand in areas outside of the Petoskey service district will help guide future construction plans, which could start as early as 2020.

We’re ‘diggin’ how fast this fiber is going in and hope you are too!