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The good news keeps coming!

The Great Lakes Energy board of directors has given the go-ahead to expand into our Boyne Phase 2 area (covering the north half of Torch Lake all the way to Charlevoix) sooner than expected! Construction of the mainline fiber will likely begin in the fall.

BUT WAIT, there’s more!

The board of directors also approved the preliminary fielding and planning process for two NEW, separate areas! We will announce those areas in the coming weeks.

Mainline construction crews are finished with the overhead work in our Petoskey Phase 2 area, while the remainder of the underground mainline work in our Petoskey Phase 2 will be completed in the spring. Design and construction to homes in the Petoskey Phase 2 area have begun and will continue throughout the year.

With the mainline overhead work completed in Petoskey Phase 2, crews have been able to start preparing our poles for the mainline fiber construction earlier than expected in our Boyne Phase 1 area!

All Boyne Phase 1 area members who have preregistered will receive an email soon which will include a service agreement and site plan. Be on the lookout for that email because returning it as soon as possible will help prevent a delay in construction to your home when we are ready.






We are also beginning the fielding and planning process for our Boyne Service Area Phase 3 area now!

What about other areas?

As we mentioned earlier, approval for preliminary fieldwork was received for two new, separate areas. We have mentioned demand is one of the deciding factors, but it isn’t the only factor. Grant funding and constructability also come into play. We are carefully evaluating our service areas to determine where we will go next. We’ll keep you posted as we move through that decision process.

Are you already registered, but not sure of your assigned area? Log into your jointruestream.com account and view your dashboard. If you’re not registered, it’s not too late, register your interest today!