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 Oh boy, do I hear or see this one a lot –

“I registered two-three-four years ago!”

Well, yes, but also, no, probably not. Confused? Let’s bust up the jargon.

 Registering interest and pre-registering

From the beginning, we have said that interest in our service will play a factor in deciding where we will start construction next. To gauge that interest level, we need our Great Lakes Energy members to register their interest, or pre-register if you will. Many of you have done that, and we thank you! You, encouraging your friends, family, and neighbors to register their interest goes a long way in helping increase the demand in an area as well.

If your area is either in the gathering interest or exploration phase, the process to register your interest or pre-register is pretty easy. You log into your existing Great Lakes Energy online account, or view our guide to setting up your online account if you haven’t set your account up already. Once you are logged in, click the Truestream banner at the bottom, and we’ll verify your service address. You will receive an email letting you know what area you are in along with a  thanks you for submitting your interest.


Completing your registration and registering

Another great benefit to pre-registering your interest, even if your area is waiting to be built, is you’ll be among the first to know when construction is announced for your area and encouraged to complete your registration ASAP.

If your area is in construction, connecting, or active, and you haven’t shown any interest or pre-registered yet, but you want Truestream’s amazing service, you will be encouraged to plain ole’ register.

The full registration process also happens within your Great Lakes Energy account, by clicking on the Truestream banner at the bottom of the page. This time though, we (secretly) walk you through writing an actual service order on your account for internet and/or voice services – then you are one step closer to becoming a Truestreamer!

Either way, from start to finish, pre-registering or registering only takes a couple of minutes.