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Oh boy, do I hear or see this one a lot –

“I registered two-three-four years ago!”

Well, yes, but also, no, probably not. Confused? Let’s bust up the jargon.

Shared interest

From the beginning, we have said that interest in our service will play a factor in deciding where we will start construction next. To gauge that interest level, we need our Great Lakes Energy members to share their interest. If you receive our monthly email, you’ve already shared your interest, and we thank you!  Encouraging your friends, family, and neighbors to share their interests goes a long way in helping increase the demand in an area as well.

Completing your registration 

Sharing your interest is helpful, but once construction is announced for your area, you will be asked to complete your registration ASAP. This step is sometimes overlooked because some think sharing their interest in getting Truestream (when available) and registering for Truestream service are the same – they are two separate processes though. 

The full registration process also happens within your Great Lakes Energy account when you click on the Truestream Registration link at the bottom left side of the page. This time, though, we will walk you through writing an actual service order for internet and/or voice services on your account, and then you are one step closer to becoming a Truestreamer!