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Having it is easier said than done, right?

Smart decision or not, my bosses have allowed me to take over our Truestream blog, at least this once. Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Julie. I have worked at Great Lakes Energy for almost a decade. I am a wife and mother with a busy family. We’re co-op members, and yes, we are Truestreamers.

Confession time: I’m a mom to a should-be-but-isn’t-potty-trained yet toddler and my patience is being tested daily. That’s right, I am calling you out, dear sweet girl. When asked why she won’t use the potty, the answer is always the same – “because.”

I have two other kids who were potty trained at what I consider a reasonable age. We set and stuck to a timer, offered a small treat or sticker, and they were good to go (literally) after a week or so.  So why is the third so different? Is it because I am older and crankier? Is she just that much more stubborn than her sisters? I think a bit of both. She gave up her beloved pacifier in favor of continuing to use diapers – that is saying something. Timers, treats, and mentioning the potty leads to hysterical crying that doesn’t stop. Her doctor has assured me giving up the pacifier is a better choice, from a medical perspective. If she isn’t using the potty by her next birthday, then we’ll talk more.

So, what does potty training have to do with building a fiber network?

  1. Both seem like straightforward tasks yet accomplishing either is not easy.
  2. Bribery doesn’t work – your offers of treats can’t help us get there any faster, but we appreciate the thought!
  3. Patience and perseverance pay off, and it will be worth it in the end.

From the bottom of our Truestream hearts, thank you to everyone who has been patient with us. We have office staff and outside crews working hard every day to bring high-speed internet to you.

We are proud of the work we have accomplished so far, and we continue to learn, grow and adapt as we go. We’re all human. Sometimes your frustrations will get the better of you, and your patience will be tested, just “because.” Rest assured, we’re working our hardest to bring you high-speed internet.  We will continue to steadily make progress and persevere. I know my potty training patience and perseverance will pay off one day – right?