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The future is headed to your neighborhood!

Together with the Great Lakes Energy board of directors and our employees, we are happy to share that we have begun construction on our Truestream fiber network.

Imagine internet speeds of up to 1,000 Megabits per second where it doesn’t matter how many devices you have connected or what you’re doing, you’ll never be slowed down. With our fiber technology, your connection will be reliable and able to handle whatever you throw at it…streaming, working from home, email, gaming, school, etc. Plus, there are no data caps and your internet speed isn’t affected by how many neighbors are also using it. Sound intriguing? Please register today so that when our crews are passing by your home, you don’t miss out on this life-changing connection. Registration on this site isn’t a contractual agreement – we’ll contact you when we’re ready to install service to you to confirm your interest.

Members in the Great Lakes Energy Petoskey service district (Emmet County and parts of Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties) will have service first, but we will use interest in other areas to determine where to build next.

It is important to note that construction is a big undertaking. You will see crews working for a few months before we begin installations so we ask for your patience as we work to construct a true broadband network to our members. Here’s a brief outline of the steps involved:

1. Construction crews prep poles and lines for fiber.

2. The main fiber line is built first.

3. Next, connections from that main line to the outside of individual homes are made.

4. Finally, we make installation appointments with those who have pre-registered and the connection is made inside the home. Please be patient as we work to get to this point.

Are you ready for the future? Register your interest today.

Truestream…..The Future is Here!