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We’re expanding! 

Truestream construction plans are moving forward in our Wayland and Boyne service districts, wrapping up our 2022 construction plans. Construction plans for 2023 will be consider by the board of directors later this year.

Five areas in our Wayland service district will see mainline construction starting in the late summer of 2022, with in-home installations expected to begin the late fall of 2022*.

Wayland areas include:

  • Burnips 2
  • Burnips 4
  • Wayland 1
  • Middleville 1
  • Middleville 3

Additionally, construction is set to move forward in the Eastport 3 area of our Boyne Service district. Construction will begin in the late fall and in-home installations are anticipated to begin in early winter 2023*.

Complete your registration today!

Don’t miss out on the best internet around. Register by July 1 and complete the necessary paperwork by July 22 to qualify for FREE in-home* installation ($149 value!) and to get on our construction schedule.

Once you complete your registration, we will send you the necessary documents to complete before we can design, build, and bring the fiber line to your home or business (the drop). The fiber drop will follow the path your electric line takes, either overhead or underground.

*Construction timelines are subject to change. Keep an eye on truestreamfiber.com/news for monthly updates to active areas.