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What a year 2023 was. I can’t help but reflect a bit on what Truestream has accomplished. Thinking back to our first connection over five years ago until today, it all feels a bit surreal.

We’ve connected more than 20,000 Truestreamers to reliable, high-speed fiber internet. We were awarded over $46 million in grant funding to help offer Truestream to 10,000 more locations over the next three years.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to you, our current and future Truestreamers, and our promise to you.

Truestream is a caring, friendly partner dedicated to the communities we serve. We are motivated by the desire to help the people we’re happy to call friends and neighbors.

We appreciate the patience and kindness you have shown along the way, and we look forward to making even more connections in 2024!

The year in review above is just a snapshot of some of the accomplishments of our amazing team of employees and contractors. They have all put in a tremendous amount of work, day in and day out, year over year, and we’re thankful for each of them every day.