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Appletree Automotive is a retail store in our Hart service district that sells off-road dune buggy, sandrail, and Volkswagen (VW) parts. Hart is near Silver Lake and is known for its dunes and ORV recreation, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

While others played in the sand and built dune buggies, Chad Coker built Appletree Automotive, a brick-and-mortar storefront and e-commerce business to sell parts to ORV enthusiasts

The lack of internet access and providers in the area left Chad with limited internet options and paying thousands of dollars to install fiber internet – an expensive necessity.

With approximately 90,000 customers nationwide and five full-time employees fulfilling orders, high-speed, reliable internet and voice service are necessary for the success of Chad’s growing business. So, the mediocre service he was getting at $1,600 a month was frustrating.

I love that Truestream is cost-effective and provides good communication, but I love the symmetrical upload/download speed they provide the most.

Chad Coker

Appletree Automotive

While looking for other internet options, Chad discovered Truestream was expanding to the area and offered faster, more reliable service, symmetrical upload/download speeds, and voice service at a lower cost than he was paying. Chad’s decision to switch was an easy one.

“With Truestream, I love the speed most, but the monthly savings is a significant bonus.”

The support Chad received from the Truestream team throughout the process made the switch even more effortless.

“Having five phone lines and wanting to keep the same phone numbers and an 800 phone line makes it more difficult to swap internet providers, but the support we received from the Truestream staff made it simple.”