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Are you like me? A power outage is an inconvenience, but take away Truestream and *gasp* the world may end!

When I was a kid, the internet wasn’t a thing. The only way I could make a call was from the phone on the wall in the kitchen, with a cord that was long enough to stretch to almost every room in the house.  Cameras had film and you had to wait FOREVER for the pictures to be developed, only to find a thumb covering the corner of each picture. I listened to the Tigers on the radio to fall asleep on warm summer nights, that was my ASMR. I watched whatever cartoons were on Saturday morning because that was the only time they were on.

Honestly, while I have fond memories of a mostly low-tech youth, I am very dependent on Truestream voice (we’re old school) and internet services. So, what happens if the power goes out, and we’re suddenly thrown way back into the 1900s?

Without electricity, there is no power to the Truestream modem or router, meaning no voice or internet services. If you have voice service, we recommend having a battery backup to provide power to the modem so you can make a call if there is an emergency.

Offering a battery backup solution was something we knew we wanted to have from the beginning. But finding the right solution, that could provide back-up to the modem and router was a challenge. The necessary cord to connect both units just didn’t exist, so what’s a small company like Truestream to do? 


We followed the core values we set from the beginning:

Innovate and innovate again.
Make life better.
Go the extra mile.
battery backup

We reached out to the hardware manufacturer, and sure enough, we were able to work together to design a special cord, just for our needs – how cool is that?

It’s amazing how the technology of my childhood can now fit in the palm of my hand. Just in case new technology fails or runs out of battery, I’ve got my battery backup to power our modem, providing service to my long-corded home phone so I can still have access to the outside world.

If you’d like to maintain your access to the outside world, give us a call at 1-888-485-2537 for more information about our battery backup options.