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Construction plans for 2023 take shape. 

Truestream construction plans for 2023 include 16 areas in the Hart and Newaygo service districts.

To determine your Truestream area, please enter your service address on the map on the Areas tab. 

Hart areas include:
  • Hart 1
  • Hart 2
  • Walkerville 2
  • Walkerville 3
  • Walkerville 4

Registration is ongoing for the Hart 2023 areas. 

Mainline construction is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023, with in-home installations following after.

Hart Service Area Map
Newaygo Service Area Map
Newaygo areas include:
  • White Cloud 1
  • White Cloud 4
  • Newaygo 3
  • Casnovia 2
  • Morley 1

Registration is now open for the White Cloud, Newaygo, Casnovia, and Morley areas.

Mainline construction is excpected to wrap up in the late summer, with in-home installations following. 

  • Howard City 2
  • Howard City 3
  • Pierson 3
  • Cedar Springs 1
  • Cedar Springs 2
  • Cedar Springs 3

Registration is now open for the Howard City 2 & 3, Pierson, and Cedar Springs 1 & 2 areas. At this time, permits are still pending for Cedar Springs 3. Once those are received, we’ll open registration.

Mainline construction is expected to wrap up in winter of 2024 with in-home installations following.

Additionally, Morley 4 and Howard City 1, in the Newaygo service district and the Waters service district will see the construction of the fiber lines necessary to connect the electric substations (trunk line). This is a great step towards being able to start the mainline construction for the area and start connecting Truestreamers!

All other areas:

We are working hard to connect as many GLE members to Truestream as we can. We wish we could connect everyone immediately. It takes time, a lot of people, supplies, and financial resources, and we want to be smart and strategic with planning and resources, so lets dive into that a bit more, for understanding purposes.

Funding consideration – we hear this quite a bit – you’ve received billions from the government in grants and infrastructure funding. It’s true we take every opportunity we can to apply for grants and funding, but other providers can and have been awarded grants within our service areas. If another provider has received grant money to build high-speed internet within our serve area we need to take a step back and evaluate the efficiencies of building there as well. 

Permits – we live in a beautiful, forest-filled state. Much of that land requires permits for our construction. These permits often take a year or more to make it through all of the approvals needed, and they cost money as well. We plan ahead, and apply when we are confident we are going to build in that area the next year. 

Supplies and costs – we are not immune to the supply chain shortages and increased cost issues everyone has been experiencing. We do our best to order what we can as far in advance as possible.