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Happy Spring!

Are you gazing out the window in hopes that spring will appear? We know we are!

It’s time to think spring and that means Truestream Construction begins next month as soon as mother natures cooperates. We welcomed 53 new Truestreamsers last month and we recently held two Truestream Rallies in Petoskey.


If weather and ground temperatures cooperate, we plan to begin spring construction around April 15th. Free installation for those in our Phase 1 (Hayes, Resort, Petoskey East and Petoskey West) is limited to those who pre-register prior to construction and while construction is in progress, so be sure to register now! FREE installation is a savings of $149. Plus, don’t forget we offer speeds up to 1 Gig, no data caps and no contracts! For those in our other areas, please continue to encourage pre-registration. We continue to evaluate interest in Truestream as part of our planning process.

What are our Truestreamers saying about us? Check it out!