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We connected our first Truestreamer!


Hey, it’s Julie – I’m baaack!  The powers that be have let me take over the blog once again and I have yet another confession for everyone.

My house was the first residential location connected to Truestream. Before you cry foul, trust me, I have no special pull. My house just happened to be along our main fiber line build, and who better to be a tester than an employee?

My family and I are forever a part of Great Lakes Energy and Truestream history – HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

I won’t lie – the whole process wasn’t super easy or super smooth- but we didn’t expect it to be. Me and 25 of my co-workers were at my house most of the day. We had lunch and I baked cookies for everyone. There were a lot of discussions among the IT, engineering and construction departments, multiple phone calls, and lots of testing of the lines and equipment. I distinctly remember looking around my very crowded house and realizing what a phenomenal team we have working to bring Truestream to our members. Despite the challenges, everyone was excited, worked well together, and stayed positive.

Then, at about 5:30 pm, this happened:
AHHHH! Look at those speeds, what could I possibly need that for?!?

We don’t do anything extraordinary. I think we are a pretty typical family of 5. The kids use tablets. The hubs and I have smartphones and I have a Kindle. We have a smart thermostat, two Echo Dots, a gaming system, and two TVs we stream on. It adds up, and each device takes a piece of the WiFi pie.

Before Truestream, we were one of the “lucky” ones, since our road has cable internet. With everyone on our road connected and sharing that internet connection, it couldn’t keep up with us. Truestream brings me my very own fiber line, directly to my house – no sharing with the neighbors now! I know many of you are struggling with lesser internet options. Unlike electricity, there are no regulations on who can and will provide the internet to an area – it is strictly about profits. We’re changing that. We know how important the internet is to rural areas. Many of our employees (including our CEO) are in the same boat as you.

The teams working (sometimes around the clock) to bring Truestream to you truly are the best around. We’re local, determined, and hard-working. Our teams are still just as excited and positive as we were the first day to be connecting those in need – and we’ll continue to push until everyone who wants to be connected is connected.