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Thanks to you, we have reached over 14,000 registrations on www.jointruestream.com!

For those of you in the Phase 1 part of the Petoskey service area buckle up, it’s going to be a fun summer! In-home installations in the Hayes and Petoskey East areas on track to begin in late June/early July. Construction in Petoskey West and Resort areas will follow, with construction and in-home installations expected to start in the late summer/early fall.



The time is now! Free installation for those in the Hayes, Resort, Petoskey East and Petoskey West areas are limited to those who register prior to construction and while construction is in progress, so keep encouraging your friends and neighbors to register now – you’ll help them save $149!

Now Introducing…The Tech Squad!

We look forward to assisting Truestreamer’s with all their technical challenges and needs – like:

Call the tech squad today - 1-888-485-2537 - support fees will apply

  • Getting to know your devices
  • Setting up your smart home devices
  • Setting up and troubleshooting TV streaming

Thank You!

Please continue to encourage pre-registration. We continue to evaluate interest in Truestream as part of our planning process. Every contact you make is worth it! Plus, the free installation will be offered to all who pre-register.

In the meantime, are you following us on Facebook?

While we do update our website with news and network happenings, the real fun stuff is over on our Facebook page. There, we share updates, post fun graphics, take polls (both serious and not-so-serious), give live stream updates and host monthly FAQs!

Thanks again for your hard work and patience as we build Truestream for our Great Lakes Energy members.