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I think most of us can agree, being a Truestreamer (or future Truestreamer) is pretty darn awesome. I know I would never want to go back to my previous cable internet provider. Our local customer service combined with our up-front, real answers to your questions is unbeatable. Questions like:

“You said my bill would be $63.99 – $73.99 – $99.99 a month, why is my first bill so high?” or “I just got the notification my first bill is available, what’s up with all the hidden fees?”  

Ack…as a Truestreamer, even I’ve been there. You get an alert your first-ever bill is available, you see the dollar amount, and you panic. We aren’t trying to hide anything – in fact, we want you to know what’s happening.
Logging into your account and viewing your actual bill, not just seeing the snippet of the dollar amount owed, provides a clear explanation.

Here is what you may* see on your first bill:

*This sample bill should not be considered a ‘normal’ first bill. It has been altered to show the range of charges that could occur on your first bill.

Internet Monthly Charge

We bill a month ahead, so you will have a full month’s worth of charges. The bill you receive in November is for service in December.

Battery Backup

A one-time fee of $90, $140, or $190 to purchase the unit.

Mesh WiFi

$5/mo. per unit.

Truestream Tech Squad

We will help connect up to four previously connected devices. New, unopened devices, or “complex to connect devices” take more time than our standard installation allows. We’re happy to help connect new devices if we know ahead of time, but Tech Squad Fees will apply.

Non-standard equipment

Sometimes a little extra is needed. It may be an extra CAT 6 cable, a surge protector, or a fiber line over 75 ft.

Installation fee

$149 one-time fee.

Partial Month Charges

Internet and voice service fees begin on the day of your installation. You will likely have at least one partial month, or more, of charges.

Voice Monthly Charge

Same as the internet. We bill a month ahead, so you will have at least one full month’s charge.

So, are there ways to help with the initial first-month bill sticker shock? Of course!

You can give us a call any time after your in-home installation, and we will give you an estimate of what your first bill will be. You can also pay ahead. Your monthly budget may appreciate it if you pay a months’ worth of service – before you are even billed. That way, your first bill will be a bit closer to what you are expecting.

Speaking of expectations, your SECOND bill should be just what you expect, although if you have voice service, the taxes and fees can vary a bit from month to month.

We’re committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and look forward to welcoming you into the Truestream family.