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So, I’ve been thinking about something lately. We ask our Truestreamers how many Wi-Fi-connected devices they have. Of those that respond, 46% say 1-4, while 44% say 5-9 devices. Is that really accurate? Are people forgetting how many devices they actually have connected to their internet?

Around my house, things are a little different. There is no denying tech has taken over. Between phones, tablets, computers, smart home devices, and streaming on multiple TVs, we use our plan to the fullest. On any given day, we have 16-20 devices connected to our Wi-Fi. Is that a good thing? We’re busy and are on the go constantly. Our family new years resolution is to have at least one tech-free day a month. When we are home, with parental controls, limiting access times, and throwing in some online educational games and reading for the kids, I am ok with the balance.

Lately, though, we’ve been reminiscing about ‘new’ old tech around my house. It started with finding a treasure trove in the basement full of devices from when I was younger. The highlight? My 20-ish-year-old iPod. By some miracle, we found a charger, it works, and it still has all the downloaded songs of my youth! It’s like an iPod Mini time capsule.

After some explaining – it’s not a touch screen, it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, you scroll through menus and songs by running your finger around the wheel, my oldest was totally enamored. Her friends think it’s awesome too.  Not to mention she now listens to the awesome songs I spent hours downloading. My cool mom status has been cemented in her tween brain (for now).

I am not sure when I reached an age where things from my (doesn’t seem so distant) youth became retro and vintage and cool, but I guess I will begrudgingly take the win.

Tech is constantly changing and making advances, but somehow, what’s old is new again.