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As a busy mom, sometimes, things slip my mind or keep getting pushed to the back burner. Immediate to-do’s take over my brain, and I just hope I can make it through the day without missing something big.

Living to-do to to-do is how I found myself in quite a predicament. Picture it – Tax Day, 2019. Tax returns are due. Like millions of Americans, I am no tax expert, but with many programs available online, I can usually file with some confidence. I had started entering the basics, but I was nowhere near complete. I planned on finishing after work, at the last minute.

I got home at 5 PM and settled in to finish up aaanndd…..I had no internet connection.

Connection issues or slow speed issues can happen. Many times, a quick restart of your device or modem/router will solve the issue, but not always.

After a moment of panic, I restarted my computer. No luck. I moved on to trying to restart my modem/router and waited to see if that helped. It didn’t.

I quickly called Truestream tech support. They were able to confirm it was not just my equipment, and a fiber tech would need to come out. It was after normal business hours – my panic started to set in again. With my previous provider, making a service call, after hours, was questionable, at best. They may fit it into the schedule that week, or maybe next month.

Truestream tech support and technicians are awesome. Support is just a phone call away, 24/7. Techs are on call for after-hours assistance up until 8 PM. Plus, if the issue is Truestream equipment-related, there are no fees.

The tech came out to my house to check out the issue. He wasn’t wearing a cape, but he should have been because like a true superhero, he saved the day and fixed the loose connection in my gray house box.

I was able to file my taxes just before the midnight deadline – and learned a few lessons that day (manage your to-dos!), but what really shone through was Truestream’s dedication to our Truestreamers. When we say things like “Welcome to the Truestream family”, we mean it. We’re in this together.