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Welcome guest blogger, Brent Marlatt, Executive Director at Camp Daggett in Boyne City MI.

Connection, Finally

Right now, as I rattle the keys on this computer keyboard at my desk, four Truestream technicians from Great Lakes Energy, Paul Loucks  (Camp’s Avaya Phone System Administrator), and Mark Tarquini (Camp’s I.T. Chair) are all working collectively  to network the new fiber optic cabling to Camp Daggett’s new telecommunications system!!  This is MON-U-MENTAL for the Organization moving forward.

It represents a massive check mark engraved on the organizational “to-do” checklist!  Not only is this a much more reliable system, but we also went from averaging a broadband speed of 2.5 MB/second to a miraculous fiber optic speed of 86 MB/second.

Our Struggle in the Past

As some of you might know (or experienced firsthand) Camp Daggett has struggled incredibly with its broadband service.  Our location (though beautiful, scenic, and immersed in wilderness) has been the most limiting factor until this very moment in time.  Over the course of the past five years, four different suppliers have been investigated and seriously considered as a solution to our telecommunications woes: Cherry Capital Connection, Merit Network, Charter-Spectrum, and AT&T.  All the listed service providers ended up not being the correct fit for Camp’s needs due to a variety of hurdles and extenuating complications.  Just over a year and a half ago, Camp Daggett Trustee, Grant Martinchek, called me up and shared with me an initiative that Great Lakes Energy was working on.  Grant provided me with a direct contact at Great Lakes Energy, and the rest is history!

Truestream Delivers

I have been impressed with Great Lakes Energy’s attention and ultra-professional communications throughout the process.  Our previous unreliable connectivity was a poor, misguided representation of our organization’s mission to offer top-notched customer service, which we collectively take very, very seriously.  My entire team and I are extremely happy and excited to finally have a reliable conduit in which to communicate with our customers and patrons.  To all of our customers, thank you for your patience and understanding to this point.  To all of those skilled individuals that helped make this happen, we are most grateful and indebted to your service to solve a problem and make Camp Daggett an even stronger organization to help serve all that seek its teachings.
With immense gratitude and a huge sigh of relief,

Brent A. Marlatt
Executive Director