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We know Truestream provides industry leading fiber internet and voice services. That’s what we do. But we are so much more. We’re local. We’re caring. We’re trustworthy. And above all, we’re one big Truestream family.

We strive every day to be more than just what we do. Lots of companies could provide internet service. What truly sets us apart is deeply engrained in who we are, our values, and what our Truestreamers mean to us.

Just ask one of our newest Truestreamers, Diane. She shared her story with us after her Truestream was installed: “I do not usually take the time to write this sort of review; however, after the experience I had I decided to do so. We had an unusual amount of snowfall, and I was in a panic to get the snow removed off the back porch for my older dog to go out, but I couldn’t find my shovel, so I was using a broken rake and was getting frustrated when I heard a knock on the front door.

I opened the door to your employee Robert who was here to do the final install step to begin my new Truestream service. Robert came in, took a look at my existing router, and said he had to go to the truck and would be right back. When he was not right back, I looked out front and saw him with my shovel clearing the front steps. And to my further amazement, he also shoveled a path for my dog out back. What a friendly, courteous, and helpful guy! I was especially grateful for his help as I have chronic pain and care for my 89-year-old mother.

This truly was above and beyond what I expected, and I will long remember it. Employees like Robert are what makes a good company a great company! Keep up the great work, Robert!”

When asked about the installation, Robert said “When I arrived, I thought to myself, if my Grandma were alive, I would shovel for her without question.”

Robert has been an installation tech with Truestream for almost four years. His favorite part of the job? “Great Lakes Energy is unlike any place I have worked. We’re not just your ordinary internet service provider. We go above and beyond because we’re a part of the local community.”

Robert, his values, and his work ethic embody everything Truestream stands for. We’re proud to work alongside him every day.