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We’ve all seen the fine print, *pricing and plans are subject to change. That doesn’t mean we want them to change, but sometimes it becomes necessary.

As we continue to expand our fiber network, the cost of materials and services continues to rise. With that comes the difficult but imperative decision of whether to adjust rates.

It has been determined that adjustments to the rates must be made to cover our expenses and continue providing the valuable service you expect and enjoy. The Basic (100 Mbps), Family (200 Mbps), and Small/Home Business (200 Mbps) plan rates will increase by $4/mo. and will go into effect starting with the June 2023 bill.

Since the start of Truestream in 2018, this is the first price adjustment we’ve made.

Our goal is to maintain a stable pricing structure so you can enjoy our service with as little disruption as possible. Rate increases are contingent upon fluctuating service costs, inflation, material and hardware availability, and access and success of grant and funding opportunities.

We understand this rate adjustment might add to the financial hardship some of you may already be experiencing. Truestream participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which covers up to $30/mo. on residential internet service to assist income-qualified households, and up to $75/mo. if your household is on qualifying tribal lands. More information, including how to apply for ACP, can be found at truestreamfiber.com/acp/.