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Our Roots are Growing!

We are happy to announce plans to expand further into the Hart service area. Truestream’s mainline construction will begin in the winter of 2022 for the Silver Lake 1, 3, and 4 areas, with in-home installation expected to begin as soon as June 2022. Mainline construction for the Hart 3 and Hesperia 4 areas will also begin in the winter of 2022, with in-home installation expected to begin as soon as July 2022. The Hesperia 1 and 2 areas will see construction in the late winter of 2022, with in-home installations expected as soon as August 2022.



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Don’t miss out on the best internet around. Log into your Great Lakes Energy account online and register by Jan. 7 and complete the necessary paperwork by Jan. 28 to qualify for FREE in-home* installation ($149 value!) and to get on our construction schedule.

Once you complete your registration, we will send you the necessary documents to complete before we can design, build, and bring the fiber line to your home or business (the drop). The fiber drop will follow the path your electric line takes, either overhead or underground.

Don’t remember what area you are in? Enter your service address in our interactive map on the ‘Areas’ tab.



We’re not stopping there…

We know our focus has been in the Hart service area. We haven’t forgotten you, Newaygo, and Wayland! We are staying in close contact with the permitting authorities for the previously delayed areas of White Cloud 3, Brohman 2, and Middleville 1 areas. As of this update, the necessary permits and easements have not been issued yet.

We have plans in the works to build in the delayed areas as soon as we receive the necessary permissions, along with several additional areas within the Newaygo and Wayland service districts for 2022! Once we have those details finalized, we will let everyone know




*Eligibility based on address verification and service availability. Construction fees may apply.