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Great Lakes Energy (GLE) has announced construction plans for its fiber network starting this spring in parts of Emmet and Charlevoix counties. The construction will expand availability of Truestream fiber internet and voice services to thousands of rural residents who do not have access to fiber at their home or business.  The fiber network delivers download speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000 megabits per second), massive bandwidth, unlimited voice services and no data caps.

As an electric cooperative, GLE is dedicated to driving innovation in technology and customer experience for rural residents and businesses. GLE is encouraging interested members to register their interest. There is no obligation once registered.

Bear Creek Organic Farm

Many have already voiced their interest and expressed how life changing fiber internet is for them. The benefits of fiber are already making an impact.

“The numbers don’t lie,” said Brian Bates of Bear Creek Organic farm in Petoskey Michigan, who posted speed test results on Facebook after having service installed. “Truestream is more than 400 times faster than speeds we were able to get with our previous internet provider. And for 75% less money with no contract and unlimited everything!”

Community Benefit

Truestream opens the door for more than just downloading and streaming content at high speeds. Internet connections for many will finally catch up with modern video and voice calling technology, offering a sharper image, clearer sound, and minimized lag. The opportunity to work from home or take classes will become a reality for thousands of Michigan residents. The structure will be put in place for future connected smart-home technologies and advancements.

“Our entire community will benefit from the Truestream fiber network. Not only will members experience some of the fastest internet speeds and most reliable connectivity in the country, we believe the long-term economic boost to the area will be substantial,” said Great Lakes Energy CEO Bill Scott. “Studies have shown that just having access to fiber can add to a home’s real estate value, and we’ve already had 9,000 people register their interest. We’re thrilled to launch in our Petoskey service area first, and we plan to continue expanding. Construction will take time though.”

Fast, reliable Internet is becoming an essential utility, as vital as power or water for many. GLE is confident the Truestream fiber network will build a better, more connected future.