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Brave Hearts Estate is an Operation Injured Soldiers project whose mission is clear:  offer veterans and their families a bed and breakfast-style lodge as a place to relax and enjoy time away, free of charge.

We’re proud to call them Truestreamers.

This 238-acre veterans retreat opened in the spring of 2015 and serve as a place for veterans and their families to relax and enjoy time away in a country setting. 

Veterans and their families enjoy home-cooked meals and bed and breakfast style lodging that is completely free of charge. The main house has 7 bedrooms, a dining room, family room, living room, and a large fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. The estate is wheelchair accessible on the main floor.

The estate’s caretakers, Paula and Mike Brown, and a dedicated team of volunteers are what makes Brave Hearts Estate such a special place for our country’s wounded and combat action heroes.

Truestream keeps up with what we need to smoothly run the estate, plus provide 40 guests with the internet, with no trouble.” Paula stated, “For a rural business to have access to fast, reliable internet means not having to worry if you can do your job that day. I recommend Truestream 100%.

Paula Brown

Brave Hearts Estate

While serving veterans is their main focus, there is a business side to run as well. “Truestream has changed our lives tremendously. We no longer worry about losing an email or not being able to provide information when requested. When a veteran calls, I don’t worry about telling them I can’t help them because I don’t have internet service at the moment. Now, if I need something done, I jump on and get it done.” explained Paula.

Veterans and their families can enjoy many of the nearby attractions that northern Michigan has to offer while staying at Brave Hearts Estate, from fishing, hiking, and kayaking in the summer, to ski resorts and snowmobiling in the winter.

Getting back to nature, relaxing, and serving the veterans and their families is important, but keeing a fast, reliable connection to the outside world has become a necessity as well.

Visit Brave Hearts Estate online to learn more about their programs and how you can help.