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Welcome to the Truestream family.

Your paperwork’s returned, the construction to your home is complete, and now you’re ready for the best part – scheduling your in-home installation!

Our Truestream reps and installation techs work together to schedule and install as many new connections in a day as they can. Often, it takes several months to schedule all of the in-home installations for an entire area once construction is complete. We appreciate your patience along the way!  

How you can help:

Now is a great time to verify your contact information is correct by logging into your account or by giving us a call at 1-888-485-2537! 

What happens next:

We’ll be giving you a call to schedule your in-home installation!

Installation generally takes one to three hours, and a household decision maker 18+ needs to be at the location for the entirety of the installation. 

If we haven’t been able to reach you by phone, we’ll reach out by email, so keep an eye out!