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We’re almost there.

When you have Truestream service, you should expect the best. We aren’t going to cut any corners, just to get ‘good enough’ service out there. We’re working hard to complete the construction of the fiber system, and installing the necessary network equipment to light up the system in your area, and that means time and testing.

A lot of testing!

  • We test the mainline fiber and connections within the system. 
  • We test the newly installed network equipment.
  • We test the fiber drop that goes to the gray box on your home.

What happens next:

Once we are confident everything is working as it should, the drop installation crews move on to the next area, and continues working. 

We pride ourselves on customer service and doing the job right, which means each in-home installation takes time and resources. Our techs are busy completing installations in areas the drop crews have finished and have moved on from, and it may be a bit before they can start installations in a new area. 

How you can help:
Continue to be patient! When all of the testing is complete, and in-home installation techs are working in your area, we will call to schedule your appointment.