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Keeping the forward momentum.

We’ll be honest, of all of the construction to the home steps, this one feels like it takes the longest. And it might. If we’re nearing or in winter, your order may stay in this step for a bit, due to several factors, including overhead vs. underground service and crew availability.

Rest assured, your order will move through the process though.  Once your drop is designed and the conduit is installed (if your service is underground), our warehouse staff prepare the materials necessary for your job and hold on to your order until a drop crew is ready to take it. In the spring, summer, and fall, our drop crews have work on the books for weeks or sometimes months in advance. As those drops continue to be installed, the warehouse staff continues to pull the supplies necessary to complete more drops to additional locations, constantly keeping our drop crews busy.

  • The fiber drop crew will install a small, gray house box on the outside of your location.
  • The gray box is a key step in the installation but isn’t the final step before installation.
  • The fiber drop crew will extend the fiber line from the main fiber line to the newly installed gray house box

How you can help:
Sit back and enjoy the ride. We appreciate your patience. There is no need for you to be present during the drop unless you have a special situation, like a locked gate or outside animals, that would need to be secured.

What happens next:

Once the fiber infrastructure is fully built for your area, we will test the equipment on the poles. We will also install the network equipment necessary to light up the system. Once that is all verified as working, we’ll make sure the drop to your location is working as it should.

Drop by next month to discuss the process in more details!