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As I write this, I am staring longingly at my fire pit. It’s where we’ve spent many great summer nights with family and friends, eating hot dogs and smores, talking, stargazing, and of course, listening to music.

While we mostly keep it a device-free zone, my kids will say they love being around the fire pit because of the ‘music game’. We play a song, and the first to guess the song title and artist (or song title and movie if it is a Disney night) wins a point. It’s simple and silly, but even our teenage nieces and nephews get involved and laugh, so I call it a win.

So, what’s the point, and how does that relate back to Truestream? My fire pit is a way away from my house, and the signal strength isn’t the best for streaming music.


Queue the Wi-Fi mesh. I put that handy little device near the fire pit side in my house and bam, great signal strength for playing music. It’s exactly what we need to keep making those fire pit memories.

If you’re looking to add some power to your Wi-Fi signal strength, whether it is at the fire pit, basement, man cave, or crafting room, give us a call at 1-888-485-2537. We’ll do our best to help.