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We announce construction for your area – yay! Now what…


From registration to in-home installation, it takes, on average, six months to get Truestream up and running. While this may seem like a while, we are getting A LOT done in that time, and I’m going to provide some insight into everything we need to do to get you connected to Truestream.

First, the fieldwork and registration phase. To fully complete the mainline work in an area, it usually takes about 4 months. Fortunately, the next phase, construction to the home, can often begin while the mainline work progresses through an area.

It’s important to remember, we’re building a new system. While it’s true we’re using our existing electrical poles, those poles need to be tested and sometimes replaced, trees may need to be trimmed, hardware needs to be placed on the poles, and we need to run the fiber lines, overheard or underground, including splicing the lines together when needed.

While our mainline crews are busy starting to build, we ask that you register and return your paperwork by a set date. We ask for folks to complete their registration in advance so we can begin the planning needed to bring Truestream to your home. This is the start of the hurry up and wait, and we get it, waiting is tough.

Tammy, a current Truestreamer, summed it up perfectly in her Google review:

“The biggest pain was waiting seemingly forever but looking back it all went fairly quick considering all that GLE had to do to get us to this point.”

When registration opens for an area, we receive an influx of online registration we then review and process to get the paperwork to send out. We then start receiving paperwork back that is reviewed, processed so it can move on to the design step, and scanned into your account.

Logistically, we want to get everyone in your area registered at the same time so we can build to everyone in that area at the same time. If you register and return the paperwork months after our deadline, chances are the construction to your home will be delayed. The planning and construction process started months ago, and the crew will then have to come back to the area they have already moved on from.

Next, we’ll dive into the design process, the first aspect of the construction to the home phase – stay tuned!