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Let’s go deeper into underground construction. 

We’ve designed the fiber line to your location! But what happens next?

If your electric service is underground, your Truestream service will also be underground. We will contact  MISS DIG to locate public utilities, including electric, natural gas, and cable/phone lines. Once MISS DIG has marked utilities, we can start the underground construction process. The underground crew will install the orange conduit from the closest pole with a multiport terminal on it to your home.

How you can help:
When we designed the fiber path, we left a bag of flags for you to use to mark non-public underground items. After MISS DIG has visited, you can put that goodie bag to use! Mark your underground items, like propane, septic/drain fields, satellite/internet, sprinkler systems, or pet fences, near the white proposed cable route flags.

If your line was designed when snow was on the ground, the drop technician will be back once the snow has melted to mark the fiber route and drop off your goodie bag with flags for your use.

What happens next:

After the conduit is installed and ready, we’ll install a small gray box on your home and bring the fiber line from the multiport to the house box.

We ‘dig’ more into that next month!